The new Structure.

1. School. Principal Laura Hawryliw

The school will include 

All Festivals, Group and workshop classes, solo dance practise classes, class festival, festival costumes. 

School Classes


4pm to 5.30pm. Novice, pre Championship group.

6pm to 7.30pm. 2/3 hands, Teams, . Under 11 years

7.30pm to 9pm. 2/3 hands, Teams,  Over 11 years

Please note. Monday Teams and workshop classes are only for pupils who want to dance 2/3 hands, Teams, and take part in fitness sessions and workshops, this is not a solo dance class. 


6pm to 7.30pm.Solo Dance Practise Class

7.30pm to 9pm.Solo Dance Practise Class


4pm to 5.30pm. Novice, pre Championship Class

1 Wednesday each month there will be a big technique class 7.30pm to 9pm.  Laura will give details


6pm to 7.30pm. Solo Dance Practise Group

7.30pm to 9pm. Solo Dance Practise Group. .


11am to 12.30pm. Beginners.


1.Beginners. £20 per calender month.

2.Novice, pre Championship £40 per calender month. 

3.Monday and 1 Solo Dance Practise Class. £40 per calender month. 

4.Monday class only. £20 per calender month

5. 1 Solo Dance Practise Class. £20 per calender month. 


2.Dancer development and Stage. Director. Dominic Graham.

This department will include. Set Dance and dancer development, special classes, guest teachers, 1to1s, mentoring, video recordings of dancers. 

It will also look after the Summer Tours and Riverside Show and will hold young teacher/choreography training sessions. 

Pupils interested in this must be Champions or Championship standard (Heavy dance 1st or 2nd prizewinners). talented, driven and dedicated.  

The days for Development and Stage are 

Fridays 4pm to 8.30pm. Three 90min slots

Saturdays. 1pm to 5.30pm. Three 90 min slots

Sundays 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Two 90 min slots

This is numbers limited, dancers who take this will be required to have a degree of flexibility as in I may want to see you more than once over the 3 days. 

Over 15s from 1st January 2019 may take this option only and not the Monday or Solo practise class. 

3. DGS Shop and Merchandise. Manager. Robyn Friel.

From the beginning of October we will be selling pumps, tap shoes, socks, tights, class wear, and more all at a competitive rate.

Robyn will be in touch with you soon when she is ready to launch our range. 







Eva Kelly WINS Bangor Championship

Joseph Mulholland WINS Senior Championship at Portstewart Festival

Eva Kelly and Mila Mcgowan do the CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLE at Coleraine Festival.

More shows coming soon on videos page