Wednesday 20th

9/10yrs Solo Championship. Emmie Anderson  6th

3 Hand Dance Championship. Emmie Anderson, Katie Grove and Katie Grove, NORTHERN IRELAND CHAMPIONS.

2 Hand Championship Katie Grove and Olivia King 3rd

10/11yrs Solo Championship. Olivia King  6th  

Thursday 21st. 

Under 11yrs Team Dance Championship. DGS 3rd

Under 15yrs Solo Championship. Eva Kelly NORTHERN IRELAND CHAMPION. 

13/15 2 Hand Championship. Amy Symington and Eva Kelly RUNNER UP

13/15 2 Hand Championship, Susan Chestnutt and Edward Mulholland 6th

13/15 3 Hand Championship Amy Symington, Eva Kelly, and Nadia Pritchard. 3rd

11/15yrs Team Dance Championship DGS 3rd and 4th

Friday 22nd.

Under 14yrs Solo Championship. Mila McGowan RUNNER UP, Eliza Swansonconney 7th

2 Hand Championship. Eliza Swancooney and Mila McGowan 6th

Under 16yrs Solo Championship. Katie Mulholland 4th

15/17yrs 2 Hand Championship Katie Mulholland and Lexie Hill 6th, and Rebekah Dunbar and Sarah Todd 8th

3 Hand Championship 15/17yrs. Rebekah Dunbar, Rebecca Lynn and Caitlin Kelly 3rd. Niamh Gilmore, Sophie Price and Olivia Dunbar 4th

Saturday 23rd

2 Hand Championship 11/12yrs. Ellie Hutchinson and Nicole Campbell 8th

2 Hand Championship 12/13yrs. Lily Lyons and Lucy King 7th

Under 12yrs Solo Championship. Leah Hanson 9th.

17/19yrs Solo Championship. Katy Gault 6th and Ellen Mulholland 8th

Sunday 24th. 

Senior Solo Championship. Karri Galway 8th

Senior 2 Hand Championship. Eimear Bowerman and Joseph Mulholland. 8th

Over 15yrs Team Championship. DGS 3rd



Monday 18th Feb


Single Prelim. 2nd Molly C

Single Jig Open. 2nd Edward

Slip Open. 1st Molly E. 3rd Nadia, Eva

Reel open 13-15. 1st Eva. 2nd Mila & Edward. 3rd Molly E. 4th Nadia

1st Eva & Amy. 3rd Susan & Edward, Mila & Eliza, Nadia & Molly 

3hand. 1st Amy, Eva, Nadia

Standard team. 1st 8 hand jig

Original. 1st Warrior Queen

Treb Jig Prelim. 1st Molly C

Treb Jig Open. 1st Nadia. 2nd Edward. 3rd Eva. 4th Eliza, Amy

Hornpipe. 3rd Molly E

Prelim Set Dance. WINNER Molly C

Championship u14 RUNNER UP Edward
3rd Kacie Jo
5th Mila

Championship u15 CHAMPION Eva
3rd Nadia
5th Molly E
8th Susan

Most Pleasing u15 WINNER.Molly E

Tuesday 19th Feb

7/8 AND 8/9 Yrs

Holly&Lucia 3rd in U9 couples.

Lucia also placed 4th in reel, 2nd in jig and 7th in Championship.

Rachel was 3rd in npw jig&npw treble jig (her 1st festival) and 1st in the novice reel. Emelia 3rd in inter jig&npw treble jig.

Wednesday 20th Feb

UNDER 7yrs

Reel NPW 5yrs - Rócha 3rd.

Reel NPW 6 years - Molly & Lola rose 2nd , Aoife 3rd.

Jig NPW 5yrs - Rócha 3rd.

Jig NPW 6 years - 1st Molly 2nd Lola, Aoife 3rd.

Treble jig NPW 5yrs - Rócha 3rd.

Treble jig NPW 6 years - 2nd Lola rose.

Most Promising dancer. WINNER. Molly


Reel 15-17 1st Katie. 3rd Sophie, Olivia B. 4th Lexie

Slip 15-17. 1st Olivia B. 2nd Katie. 3rd Niamh

Single 15-17. 1st Caitlin

Treb Jig 15-17. 2nd Lexie. 3rd Niamh, 4th Olivia D

Hornpipe 15-17. 1st Olivia B. 2nd Katie

2hand. 1st Katie & Lexie. 2nd Caitlin & Rebecca

3hand. 1st Niamh, Olivia, Sophie. 2nd Caitlin, Rebecca, Rebekah

Championship u16. RUNNER UP Niamh 

4th Katie

6th Lexie

Championship u17 CHAMPION Olivia B

6th Caitlin

7th Rebekah

8th Rebecca

Thursday 21st Feb


Reel. Lily 4th

Light double jig. Rose 2nd.

Single Jig. Leah 3rd.

Treble Jig. Leah and Lily 2nd.

Couples. Lily and Lucy 3rd.

Championship Under12yrs. Leah Hanson 6th and Ellie Hutchinson 8th

Championship Under 13yrs. Lily Lyons RUNNER UP.

Lucy King 6th and Chelsea Millen 7th 

Friday 22nd Feb


2 Hand Dance Katie and Olivia 1st

Reel inter. Molly B 2nd

Reel prelim Katie 1st. 

Reel open Olivia 3rd. 

Slip Jig inter 3rd Molly B

Light Jig prelim Katie 1st.  

Slip Jig open Olivia 3rd.

Treble Jig inter 2nd Molly B

Treble Jig open Olivia 1st.

Prelim Set. Katie Grove RUNNER UP

Championship Olivia King RUNNER UP

Saturday 23rd.


Reel open. 3rd Emmie

Slip Jig. 3rd Emmie Anderson

Championship Emmie Anderson RUNNER UP


Reel Karri 1st, Slip Jig Karri 1st. Treble Jig 1st.

Championship. Karri Galway RUNNER UP. Eimear Bowerman 5th

Most pleasing Senior. Karri Galway WINNER. 

The Warrior Queen Team won best Team Dance of the Festival

Champion of Champions Over 13yrs. WINNER EVA KELLY


Only 3 pupils from DGS attended this festival.

14/15yrs. Eva Kelly WINS Reel and CHAMPION UNDER 15YRS. Nadia Pritchard WINS Reel

Senior. Katy Gault WINS Reel and 5th Senior Championship.

Katy also WINS the award for Best Reel of the Festival

Eva Kelly WINS most outstanding performance of the Festival


13/15YRS. Wednesday 10th April


Reel. Mila McGowan 2nd. Edward Mulholland 3rd

Slip Jig. Mila McGowan 1st. Eliza Swansoncooney 3rd.

Single Jig Edward Mulholland 1st

Treble Jig. Mila McGowan 1st. Edward Mulholland 2nd. Kacie Jo Graham 3rd.

Championship. Mila McGowan WINS. Edward Mulholland RUNNER UP


Reel. Eva Kelly 2nd. Molly Eakin 3rd

Slip Jig Eva Kelly 1st. Molly Eakin 3rd

Single Jig. Susan Chestnutt 2nd. 

Treble Jig Eva Kelly 1st. Amy Symington 2nd. Nadia Pritchard 3rd. 

Couples 13/15yrs. Amy and Eva 1st

3 Hand Class. Amy, Eva, and Nadia 1st.

Championship. Eva Kelly WINS. Nadia Pritchard 5th. 

































































Eva Kelly WINS Bangor Championship

Joseph Mulholland WINS Senior Championship at Portstewart Festival

Eva Kelly and Mila Mcgowan do the CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLE at Coleraine Festival.

More shows coming soon on videos page