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Summer 2019 Tours.

Stage and Development presents.

Tour 1. Ortigueira/Galicia.

This tour will be in 2 parts.

PART 1. Ortigueira. 11th to 16th July 2019.

I have been invited to produce a new show for 2019 by Ortigueira to be performed on the main stage on Friday 12th or Saturday 13th July 2019. The show for 2019 is called Counterpoint, or, Countrapunto. DGS will also be performing at the town theatre on the Friday or Saturday night, as well as street performances and our now famous workshop. 

I will be choosing 30 to 34 dancers for this part of the tour. The total amount the festival will transfer, accommodate and feed is 40. 

The accommodation on offer for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is as before in the school hall with 3 meals a day on offer at the school. 


Depart Thursday 11th July 7am from the school by coach to Dublin airport for 1.05pm flight to Santiago de Compostella Spain.

Arrive Ortiguieira approx. 6pm until Monday 15th July.

On Monday 15th we depart for Santiago de Compostella for 1 night in a 4star hotel in Santiago. Bed and Breakfast. 

Tuesday 16th July.  Return flight to Dublin for dancers and parents not doing part 2 of the tour at 5pm from Santiago, arriving approx. back in Coleraine at 9.30/10pm. 

PART 2. Galicia. 16th to 21st July 2019.

I will be choosing 18 to 20 dancers for this part of the tour. The total amount of dancers and parents is 22 to 24


Our show will be performed live in 3 different venues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday we are appearing live on Luar television show and our final show is scheduled to take place on Saturday 20th in Santiago de Compostella

The accommodation will be in the same 4star hotel in Santiago as the previous night so no need to move hotel after the Ortigueira group go home. On Monday it will be Bed and Breakfast, from Tuesday it will be bed, breakfast and evening meal.

On Sunday 21st July we depart from Santiago to Dublin at 5pm arriving back in Coleraine at approx. 9.30pm. 

Note to dancers. Ideally it would be easier if the dancers doing the Galician tour also do Ortigueira, however it may be possible to not do Ortigueira but take part in the Galicia tour.


1.  Ortigueira only. £400 per person. Includes return flights, return transfers, accommodation, food in Ortigueira, and 1 night bed and breakfast in hotel in Santiago. 

2. Ortigueira and Galicia.  £515 per person. Includes return flights, return transfers, bed, breakfast Monday 15th, bed, breakfast and evening meal Tuesday to Sunday 21st. 

3. Galicia only. £515 per person. Includes return flights, bed, breakfast and evening meal from Tuesday to Sunday.

What happens next.

1. Anyone who wants to rule themselves out of the tour should contact me by txt or email asap. 

2. On Monday 10th I will text everyone I have chosen, some people will be invited to both and some to one.  

3. I will answer any questions you may have but please do that by text or email as the Class Festival will be busy and I need to watch all the dancers very closely to help me make final dancer decisions. So please no verbal questions during the class festival. 

4. After I text you on Monday I will need your answer within 48 hours please.

5. Meeting of parents only of dancers chosen on Wednesday 12th December 7pm at the school. This meeting is to decide who and how many parents will be going on both parts of the tour. (See parents going on tour section)

5. By Friday 14th December final numbers need to be confirmed for flights and hotel.

6. By Thursday 20th December the flight part of the tour needs to be paid in full into the school account. This is £270 per person.

Some conditions

Only members of the school can take part in any tour, others artists are at the Directors discretion. 

The flight part of the tour must be paid by 20th December. The remainder can be paid in 6 monthly payments starting from January 2019 and ending on July 2019.

Dancers on tour should travel and stay together when possible. 

Rehearsal details for Counterpoint will be released in January however they will begin in late April. Also May and June and most likely on Sunday afternoons.

Parents on tour

When I have all dancer numbers confirmed the parents with children going on tour will meet on Wednesday 12th Dec, we can see how many want to go against how many places we have available. Should more parents wish to go than numbers allow then we need to discuss alternative arrangements for any extra parents as the numbers are non negotiable with Ortigueira 40 people in total. Galicia 24 people in total

Other tours in 2019

We have been invited to 2 other tours, if/when the first tour is filled then I will look at the other tours. The Ortigueira/Galicia tour is very prestigious so it needs to be filled first.  

Check list

1. If you don't want to be considered contact DG asap by txt or email. 

2. Wait for your text on Monday to see where your being invited to

3. Confirm or turn down your place by Wednesday 12th Dec before the meeting. 

4. Parents of tour dancers and DG meet on Wednesday 12th Dec at 7pm. at the school

5. Final flight and hotel numbers by Fri 14th. 

6. All flights payments of £270 person by Thursday 20th December.

7. All question by txt or email please, no verbal question during the Class Festival. 


Christmas and New Year holiday dates now on Admin page.

Katy Gault WINS The Causeway Championship

Eva Kelly was 2nd and Olivia Baker was 3rd.  ..

Katie Mulholland WINS Gold Medal

Mila McGowan was 2nd and Nadia Pritchard 3rd.  ..

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