The Dominic Graham School is one of the longest established festival schools of Irish Dance in Northern Ireland.

Irish Dancing School



The school was founded in Ballycastle on the north Antrim coast in 1977, and is now based in a custom-equipped studio at the Sperrin Business Park, Coleraine. More

DGS Shows & Performances   



Our greatest joy has been our performance work and over the years the school has travelled and performed extensively. More

DGS Shop

DGS Shop

The Dominic Graham shop will shortly be selling clothing, merchandise and shoes all of which can be viewed online. In the interim all official merchandise and clothing can be ordered via the studio in Coleraine. More

ANTHEMS, 4 new scenes on stage videos page.

4 new scenes from Anthems now on stage videos page. Still 20 more scenes to come so enjoy.  ..

Congratulations to Laura and Nick on their wedding .

Laura Smyth one of our teachers and greatest ever dancers is getting married today. Lots of love and happiness to Laura and Nick.  ..

ANTHEMS pictures on stage gallery

Gallery of pictures of ANTHEMS now on stage gallery page. Enjoy.  ..

ANTHEMS first 2 scenes now on stage videos page.

ANTHEMS our 16th show at the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine was performed from the 17th to 19th September. It was a 26 scene fast moving show with each song an Anthem in its genre. Over the next weeks we will be serializing all the scenes from this unforgettable show. Enjoy.   ..